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NAEYC Accreditation

In 1985, NAEYC established a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high-quality programs.

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Today, NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education. Over 7,500 child care programs, preschools, early learning centers, and other center- or school-based early childhood education programs are currently NAEYC-Accredited. These programs provide high quality care and education to nearly one million young children in the United States, its territories, and programs affiliated with the United States Department of Defense.

Electronic Portfolio Option

Programs across the country have invested in School Chapters patent pending software. School Chapters web-based solutions from Chapter97, make it simple for Early Childhood Professionals to manage evidence and create NAEYC Classroom and Program Portfolios online with nothing to download.

School Chapters is now available for use in the NAEYC process. Utilizing a state of the art cloud-computing model, School Chapters can guarantee that there is no limit to the number of photos, images or documents that you can upload securely to your account. You can purchase one or as many portfolio subscriptions as desired. An easy-to-follow traffic light evidence management tool helps teachers track their progress, view reports and make thoughtful decisions about evidence. Portfolios are available to assessors online, as locally saved PDF files or in printed book format viewed at the time of the site visit.

NAEYC Standards and Criteria, used with the permission of NAEYC, are pre-loaded in School Chapters, and filtered by class type, so that teachers will see only the criteria that is relevant for them.

To learn more about School Chapters electronic portfolio management and its state of the art, easy-to-use features, visit, Or call 800-604-9465 to schedule a free webinar to view the software before you make any purchase decision

For Help and Resources

  • TORCH - The Online Resource Center Headquarters is a freeonline community for individuals pursuing accreditation for their early childhood program. The resources in TORCH have replaced all resources previously included on the CD-Rom within the 2006 Self-Study Kit.

  • Program Record - The Program Record provides you with resources and important information about your program's NAEYC Accreditation. All currently-accredited programs and programs that have submitted the Enrollment Form (Step 1) have access to the Program Record.

  • Get Local Support - Connect with a local accreditation facilitation project (AFP) or an NAEYC Affiliate to learn about opportunities for your program to receive technical assistance and/or funding as it works to earn and maintain NAEYC Accreditation.

  • Accreditation Scholarships Program - Awarded to programs seeking NAEYC Accreditation, ready to engage in Self-Study, and programs seeking to maintain NAEYC Accreditation.

  • E-Update - The monthly e-newsletter provides that latest information on NAEYC Accreditation and announcements of any new helpful resources for NAEYC-Accredited programs or programs in the accreditation process.

  • Accreditation Update - NAEYC's semi-annual printed newsletter with in-depth information about NAEYC Accreditation of Programs for Young Children.
  • Contact NAEYC Accreditation Program Support by clicking here.

  • Contact KAECE Accreditation Support by clicking here.




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